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Kink lists and ideal partners
♥ øṉ τhε ƒɾøṉτ сøṿεɾ
This is his f-list, and main page for permits and no-nos.

Aldric Belrose

Here are some extras listed.

Dub-con (non-con in some instances)- Aldric is an incubus. He has manners, but not as much morals as a human being, therefore some situations that are described as rape don't really faze him, nor make him feel guilty. He won't get seriously violent on a person, but when he wants sex, he'll be very persistent, and may use just a little bit of force. If the victim thrashes about and gives him a really hard time, he will eventually give up and leave.

Virgins and the sexually inexperienced - This is his ideal trait in a partner. He will make love with the sexually experienced if they can convince him, but he much prefer to prey on someone who is inexperienced, and is known to struggle and fight. Like a predatory animal, he loves it when his victims try to resist him.

Men only for smut - He'll flirt with a girl or two every now and then, but he is only sexually attracted to other males, preferably ones younger than him.

17-18+  muses only - Some instances I'll roleplay with someone as young as 15 if I'm in the mood, but I generally would prefer the youngest muse I RP with to be a late teenager. As for 15+ characters, it depends on what they look like. If they have very feminine or prepubescent appearances, I would prefer not to RP smut with them. CR is fine, however.

I'll add more as I see fit.


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